Mt Ellen Ski House

This custom post and beam home has an incredible view of the face of Mount Ellen in Warren. This large new construction was full of great features and inspired design by all involved. For our part, the kitchen was a combination of custom recessed panel inset cabinets in a combination of red and black painted finishes. The owners were very open-minded about creating very interesting features and allowed us to really have fun with the design. The three-level countertop as well as the rest of the kitchen sport custom granite countertops.

The powder room just off the main entrance was one of the most fun parts of this job. The owner was looking for something really unusual so we were able to locate a redwood burl (cross-section of a tree) that fit the general space they had to work with. We had the burl cut to fit the wall and finished with a clear finish and mounted on steel brackets. The finishing touches were the copper vessel sink and bronze traps and water feeds visible under the counter.