North Hero Camp

Okay, perhaps this is a tad more than a camp... and it is one of our favorite projects. This property on the shores of Lake Champlain has gorgeous westerly views and had a ranch home on it when the owners bought it about 15 years ago. Over time their family grew and they wanted to expand or replace the camp. After going through several architects and not finding someone to create the design they wanted, they asked owner Matt Grundy if he would be willing to design their new home. Having an architectural degree and being the best man at their son's wedding made for an easy relationship. Over the course of about 6 months, the design for this 5500 square foot home took shape using ideas that the owners brought to the table and the designer's creativity. They were able to contract with a local custom home builder and we went back to doing our regular job of providing the cabinetry and countertops for the project. The kitchen and dining room cabinets were provided by our custom manufacturer Hagerstown Kitchens and are a modified raised panel design made from bamboo with a clear finish. The countertops are solid granite and the appliances are all high-end stainless steel. The project also included a laundry area, master bath, wet bar, and 4 other baths.