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What’s a Cabinet Comparison Wall?

The main purpose of a kitchen and bath showroom is to showcase the different types of products that a client may choose to use in their kitchen and/or bath project.  

With the dizzying array of manufacturers, door styles, materials, colors, and finishes available, it is impossible to showcase even a fraction of what is available.  To help homeowners and business owners decide on options, one of the tools that we use at Builder Specialties is called a Cabinet Comparison Wall.

Cabinet Comparison Wall Features

Our wall is an approximately 10’ long space where we have installed a series of 12” wall and base cabinets from the different manufacturers we represent. These samples show different:

  • Construction types
  • Door styles
  • Colors
  • Molding treatments
  • Hardware
  • Lighting options
  • Countertops

This display has become indispensable to our clients as we're able to easily showcase how one manufacturer differs from the next, and how that translates into the costs involved with the project.

Our Cabinet Comparison Wall also shows the different types of countertop materials and treatments that are available. We have not anchored these countertops, so it is easy to move a sample from one cabinet type to another to show how a particular countertop looks and works with the varying cabinet styles we show on this display.

Helping You Make the Best Choices

The amount of options and possibilities available to property owners for kitchen and bath remodels can be overwhelming. Our Cabinet Comparison Wall is of tremendous assistance to clients and us because it helps assess what specifications are important to you so we are able to easily narrow down the choices you’re picking from while giving them an idea on how the overall project cost is impacted. While we still have larger kitchen and bath displays we often find ourselves working mostly with the Cabinet Comparison Wall as it has been such an excellent tool for helping customers make their selections.