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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Accessories

by Steve Gilman, Project/Operations Manager, Builder Specialties Kitchen & Bath

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, you should be considering cabinetry organizers. Which organizers are the most useful? Here are some basics, but the list is almost endless!


Cutlery Divider

We have probably all used these for our everyday silverware. Maybe add a second one for special occasion flatware. What other items could be organized here? Think of other small items that can get “lost” in your kitchen. Maybe your wine opener or baking tools. This could even be helpful for a crafting drawer or turning a junk drawer into something more organized.  Cutlery dividers are inexpensive and can be removable unless built into the cabinet. If you think you may find other uses for them, get a few. Make sure to check drawer insert size before ordering or ask your designer for help.


Tray Dividers

These are great for keeping baking sheets and cutting boards organized. They can also be used for organizing serving platters. Tray dividers are inexpensive, but typically a permanent decision, but one you won’t regret. Locate some near the oven for cookie trays. They are useful almost anywhere. Above wall ovens and refrigerators are popular spots too.


Spice Storage

The options here are many. Consider what would be the most convenient area of the kitchen to store your spices. Spice drawer, spice shelves, lazy susan in a wall cabinet, pull-out shelves, and door-mounted racks are all good choices.


Pull-out Organizers

These can utilize narrow spaces and some offer adjustability.

These pullouts are mid-range in price but provide storage for otherwise underused areas. That makes them valuable. If you have a small kitchen that’s short on drawer space, the utensil organizer bins are a great place to fit your longer cooking tools.


Pull-out Trash Drawers

No one likes looking at or the odor of trash and taking up floor space. This should be a must-have in every kitchen. Hide the mess and hide the smell! We think keeping these near the sink makes sense because that’s where most people will look for it. Many kitchen designers include them. People like to hide the trash and it’s also a great way to keep pets out of the garbage. Speaking of pets, we have even seen clients choose multiple trash pull-outs and store dog food or kitty litter in them. Not with the trash of course : )


Peg Drawer Inserts

These are very useful in deep drawers for organizing pots and pans, as well as dishes or Tupperware. Pegs can be used to sort lids and separate different-sized containers. Peg drawer inserts are inexpensive and removable. They work well for holding large stacked sets in place, like mixing bowls, or colanders. These offer flexibility and can be changed, should you purchase a different-sized bowl or container. They can also be used for storing dinner plates and bowls.


Appliance Garage

A great way to store and hide small countertop appliances. Electrical connections inside make it very convenient and organized. It is a higher-cost organizer because you’re buying a special cabinet. They are very popular, but they won’t necessarily fit in every kitchen. Check with your designer if you think you would benefit from having one.


Pantry Pull/Roll Out Drawers/Trays

A big pantry is great, but deep pantry shelves can get cluttered and some items are hard to reach, making it difficult to keep things organized. If you are planning to have a pantry cabinet, these are a must have!  These are especially great for use in a blind base corner cabinet.  Pull-out drawers and tall pull-out organizers are mid to high price range but are well worth the investment.


We hope these storage accessory ideas will help you in your effort to design your dream kitchen. See us at Builder Specialties Kitchen & Bath to learn more. Thanks for reading!