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February 3, 2022 by Julia Weaver

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, serving as both a central meeting place for family and a functional area necessary for preparing meals. With the many functions a kitchen can play in day-to-day life, it’s easy to understand why a modernized kitchen is a must-have for millions of homeowners from coast to coast. A kitchen remodel can add value for current homeowners, and appeal to homebuyers if you’re looking to sell in the near future. So for those that are considering a home upgrade that has a great return on investment, a kitchen remodel is a great place to start.


A kitchen remodel may increase your home value:

For homeowners who plan to sell sometime in the future, home value is an important point of consideration. While an outdated kitchen that doesn’t meet functional needs can deter buyers in any housing market, a new kitchen can play a significant role in increasing your home value, attracting more potential homebuyers, receiving more offers, and selling your home above list price. In fact, homes with new kitchens are the third most valuable home improvement trend.


Think renovating a kitchen isn’t a big deal for prospective homebuyers? It is. It’s possible to recoup nearly the entire cost of a kitchen upgrade in the purchase price, giving you the opportunity to remodel your kitchen from top to bottom, with less concern for expenses.

When planning a kitchen remodel, be sure to consider your needs as well as what will appeal to most homebuyers in your area. For example, if you live in San Antonio, TX, opting for new stainless steel appliances or custom cabinetry are just a couple of kitchen trends that will add the most value. Whereas, upgrading your kitchen countertops to quartz counters will bring a higher return on investment in Richmond, VA. Someone who specializes in kitchen remodeling can also help you identify regional trends to ensure you make the best possible choice for your home.

In addition to increasing the value of your home, here are 5 other reasons you should consider remodeling your kitchen.


1. Improved lifestyle and convenience

For most homeowners who are planning on remodeling their kitchen space, convenience can be a primary motivator. If your kitchen can’t meet all of your needs, or a prospective buyer’s wishes, whether it’s too small or has a funky layout, a kitchen upgrade is a great decision.

As you move forward with your kitchen remodel, determine what you want out of your kitchen and what is required to fulfill those needs. For example, if you need more space to prep and cook, extending your counter or adding an island might be the ideal solution. GRD Home Improvement, an expert in kitchen countertops in Corona, CA says, “Kitchen islands became wildly popular in the 2000s and they remain a kitchen design mainstay. Consider quartz countertops if you’re planning to add a kitchen island.” GRD goes on to explain, “The material is incredibly durable and comes in several different shades to match the modern kitchen aesthetic. It’s great for families with young children as it’s not easily damaged or stained, and it’s much easier to clean.”

On the other hand, if you need more storage, extra cabinetry or a pantry addition will create the extra storage space for your pots, pans, and dry goods. “Most of our discussions with clients are about cabinet door designs, colors, materials, etc.,” says Modern Cabinets Direct, which offers cabinetry products in the Seattle area. “We highly recommend investing some of your kitchen budget for functional hardware. For example, your blind corner cabinet can be a difficult space to navigate and items can easily get lost since they are out of reach.” 

If you’re not sure where to start, speak with local kitchen renovation professionals to identify the available options for your current kitchen space.


2. Better design and appearance

Kitchen remodels are often the result of a desire to improve functionality, but they can be beautiful too. Upgrading your kitchen cannot only expand the area you have for food prep, but can become a space you enjoy spending your time in.

“The kitchen continues to be the heart of the home and for many of our clients, it is the center of entertainment,” says Bedbrock Developers, a premier home builder in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, AZ. “Aesthetics and attention to detail are key when it comes to a kitchen remodel. Choosing the right appliances, countertop quality, light fixtures, and LED lighting are some of the elements our clients pay attention to. And, considering the layout in terms of movement and foot traffic will inevitably make or break the flow of the kitchen, and is essential to create a seamless cooking and entertainment experience.”

If the look and feel of your kitchen no longer fits your style, an upgrade can bring your home into the twenty-first century. From counter materials to new cabinets, there are tons of ways to improve the space in your home. Some of the most popular kitchen features nationwide include, quartz countertops, a gas cooktop, and a range oven. You can follow your own tastes to create the kitchen of your dreams or enlist the help of a pro to recommend more current trends. Regardless, the right approach to a kitchen remodel can guarantee a room that looks amazing and feels great.


3. Create additional space

If you’re tired of cooking and cleaning in a small, cramped space, a new kitchen can make all the difference. Remodeling your kitchen can maximize the space you have available, making it much easier to cook meals and spend time with family.

Even small homes can be improved with remodeling opportunities. This can include adding things like extra cabinets. Builder Specialities, a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company in Berlin, VT explains, “one of the best ways to create more storage space in your kitchen is to increase the height of your upper cabinets. If you add 6” in height, think about it as adding 2” to the lower shelf, 2” to the middle shelf, and 2” to the upper shelf. This allows you to store taller items or stack your dishes higher.” 

Michael Sauri, owner of TriVistaUSA Design + Build, located in Arlington, VA uses a variety of techniques to add space in their client’s kitchen remodels, “Adding functional storage solutions, such as a trash pullout in the cabinet plan, taking advantage of floor space in an underutilized dining room by removing the walls between a kitchen and dining room, adding tall pantry storage pull-outs to organize groceries, and installing large drawers for easy access and functional storage of everything from pots and pans to plasticware, bowls, and other baking supplies.”


4. Improved technology options

Kitchen technology isn’t a one size fits all option. If your 1980s fridge and old-school oven can’t meet your needs anymore, it may be time to upgrade your appliances. A customized kitchen remodel can also focus on incorporating higher-tech kitchen solutions. Kitchen appliances come in all shapes and sizes, from a new fridge with Wi-Fi capabilities to ovens that provide quick preheat functionality, the options are endless. 

Upgrading your kitchen with the latest and greatest technology can make cooking and preparing meals faster and easier. Begin searching home improvement stores and working with a kitchen remodel expert that is knowledgeable in high-tech options to help you weigh the pros and cons of each new kitchen appliance. No matter what you have in mind, there’s an option out there that’s ideal for you.


5. Eco-friendly upgrades

If you’re interested in fighting climate change, your kitchen remodel may be focused on implementing eco-friendly options for more sustainable living – plus you can even save money on utilities by going green.

Appliances that offer great functionality while also reducing waste are available in countless forms, from low-energy refrigerators to microwaves with convection options. Those who want to truly maximize eco-friendly home upgrades may want to go beyond the kitchen alone. Energy Star appliances can make it much easier to minimize your impact on the environment and save money.

“In an ever-evolving world where technology is constantly becoming smarter, more connected, more efficient every single day, why not leverage these benefits to your advantage?” says Smart Design Living, an expert in sustainable living. “Incorporating smart, energy-efficient appliances, as well as other gadgets like smart light switches, water-saving faucets, or even WiFi-controlled BBQ grills, is a great way to add some flare to your home and save money on your utilities and live a more sustainable lifestyle.”

Remodeling is never a requirement, but if you plan to sell or you’re not completely satisfied with the cooking space in your current home, a kitchen remodel is a great opportunity. Partnering with a kitchen remodeling company can ensure you check every box, giving you access to professionals who can identify needs and provide solutions that meet both functional and fashionable options that stay within your budget. Whether you want more space, an eco-friendly kitchen, or to sell your home for more, it’s never too late to upgrade your kitchen.